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Hi! I am Emelina.

Spiritual High Performance Coach

From digital marketing & instagram expert as seen in the new york times to—



Coaching in spirituality, life mastery, personal branding, & digital marketing.


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Hi! I am Emelina Calder Spinelli.

I’m a digital marketing & social media expert seen in the New York Times— turned spiritual high performance coach. I help people activate their highest potential and transform into the highest version of themselves through expanding consciousness, healing trauma, and reprogramming their beliefs into alignment with who they desire to become. I tackle spiritual high performance from the place of both life coaching, as well as business & digital marketing coaching.


I’m dedicated to helping people completely change their lives. To step into who they truly are at their core and embrace their authentic dynamite expression. To become who they always were underneath all the old paradigms, programs and conditioning. To ignite their soul-led purpose, inner genius and effortless soul-led creative expression. All while being “productive”, in service and building a business and life of their dreams. 


If a CEO and a powerful psychic medium had a baby… that would be me. I’m the blend of spiritual and practical. The bridge between the two seemingly different polarities. Everything I do is on behalf of the highest good of all involved, in balance with the force of life, and in respect to the free will laws of this Universe.

Work With Me
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You can be highly successful, rich, happy, healthy, hot as f*ck,

creative, loved, sexually expressed, spiritually guided & fulfilled.


Anything less is purely limitation and a lack of self belief.

I believe in high performance and activating it within everyone that works with me.

We’ll tackle it from a “spiritually first” approach.

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I believe in being fully expressed, activating my highest potential and helping others to do the same.


You can have a wildly successful business and be wildly spiritually in flow and in your soul purpose— all simultaneously. I believe your spiritual purpose, and your physical reality (results & success!) are interrelated: two sides of the same coin.


We live in a world that separates the self from what we “do”. It’s become common place for spirituality and soul purpose to be separated from how we do “business as usual” and how we show up for our work and our relationships. But if you’re into personal development at all you know… how you do anything is how you do everything. 


Your spiritual mission, your soul purpose, who you are naturally — is interconnected and completely related to absolutely everything you do and don’t do physically. 


The magic that sets you apart is…


When embraced through practice and consistency, this fundamental self expression is what creates radical high performance— effortlessly in all areas of your life: health, wealth, business, love, family, career, self expression, sex, spirituality, higher purpose, and more. 


I focus on helping you to expose who you are in a safe way, into this world. To uncover the magic of what it is to be innately, originally and creatively you. Ultimately the reason why we don’t express ourselves unapologetically is because of belief patterns, trauma, and behavioral and societal conditioning.


My approach is to help you identify heal and uncover these areas, while getting to understand who you are in your inner genius at your core. Then I’ll hold the space to help you design your life moving in the direction of the results you desire to achieve— all from the effortless movement of a state of flow and grace. We’ll create a plan to allow your life to unfold the way you desire day by day, moment by moment by tackling how you respond to anything and everything that arises in your life.


This is what I call “Spiritual High Performance”. It’s about grounding your soul essence into your physical reality. It’s about becoming a walking embodiment of everything you are, in complete integration and unapologetically yourself in every way. It’s about embracing your best self, your biggest expression, and not holding back anything but pursuing everything that you are.

Find Emelina on Instagram: @emelinacalder

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High Performance Background


• • •

Emelina Calder Spinelli knows what it takes to wield influence and create winning social media & digital marketing strategies. From working with Fortune 100s at Fox Broadcasting as part of a corporate small team creating $12M in integrated marketing campaigns, to building an audience of over 100K combined followers across her own social media, as well as building hundreds of thousands of followers across all her clients.


Emelina began her career as a graphic designer & illustrator— building award-winning logos, to running a full service branding web design and digital marketing agency in her twenties, & pivoting into growing an Instagram strategy & growth agency. She has been entrepreneurial and in business & marketing for well over a decade.


Emelina inspires thousands of entrepreneurs to use social media as a tool for personal transformation. Using a tried-and-tested system she’s developed with her clients, she guides thousands of people to build a sustainable brand, public image, and audience online


You can find Emelina’s most recent business ventures in running her brands I AM WOKE and TEMPLATE MONKEY :an assortment of pre-designed, intuitively laid-out marketing & graphic design templates.

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you’re powerful, unstoppable, graceful & worthy of

living and experiencing your f*cking *best life*.


Through daily, consistent alignment, training, practice & activation…

I believe you can do it all, have it all, be it all

& live your soul purpose simultaneously.


I’ll hold you accountable to *your very best*.

emelina calder spiritual life coach akashic records coach los angeles

High Performance Background

Spiritual Transformation & Radical Personal Development

• • •

Emelina Calder Spinelli has been immersed in the world of personal development and spirituality since she attended her first ashtanga yoga class at 20. Emelina found her greatest personal fulfillment in dedication to complete personal life mastery alongside dedicated intuitive psychic channeling as a medium and spiritual guidance. 


Emelina healed herself of trauma through spiritual development: childhood domestic violence, assault, homelessness, deep depression, extreme poverty, codependent soul depleting relationships, deep career challenges, lost purpose, chronic anxiety, PTSD, etc. Although each transition was increasingly more challenging, she learned to develop complete grace and poise along the way.  Facing extraordinary challenge is never easy. What’s required is discovering the inherent solutions that come alongside every deep challenge. This is done through discovering who you are in your most natural state in the process that makes navigating challenge manageable. 


Emelina is trained in many healing modalities including: Usui Reiki 1 & 2, Ashtanga Yoga 200hr, Kundalini Yoga 200hr, EFT, Akashic Records Reading & Healing, and she is self trained in channeling and serving as a divine message translator.


you’re ready to activate

your highest potential.

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