Effortlessly Reprogram Your Energy around the concepts of…

“Divine Success”

& “Divine Wealth”


with this Guided Meditation Album

This is an Energy Medicine— reprogramming your conscious, subconscious and energy bodies around Divine Wealth & Success. 


These guided meditations are like sitting with me as your Shaman & Healer in session— all in the comfort of your own home, and for less than a tank of gas 😉


The album includes 5.5 Hours of Energetic Healing Meditations

(It’s like 5 albums in one & 11 healing sessions at your own pace 🙂 )

These Meditations Are

Healing Energy Transmissions

These eleven activations help to shift, transform, and change (reprogram) your cellular DNA and the energetic blueprint you carry at the soul level around the codes and concepts of “divine wealth” and “divine success”.


❣️Meditation No. 01—

Journey to the Selfless Mind: Entering the Abundant Caves of the Heart 


Enter the energetic programming of the deep heart space. You’ll become acclimated to your deepest desires (often unknown to the mind buried in the depths of the caves of the heart). You’ll spend time in your own Ascension seat in the heart for deep inner healing and connect with the heart’s inner flame activation— the sacred Spirit source of fire that cannot be extinguished. 


❣️Meditation No. 02—

Merging the Divide: Healing from Self Harm and Ancestral Pain  


Connect deeply to your ancestry and their programming of your current DNA & cellular blueprint. Accept and heal their energetic choices, and programming, while creating the active conscious awareness around carving out your own path, taking the good and leaving the rest. 



❣️Meditation No. 03—

Light Language of the Creator: Opening the Mind to New Perception 


Connect to the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities and open the mind’s ability to perceive—new. New possibilities, new realities, new choices and options. Open your mind to your limitless potential.



❣️Meditation No. 04—

Golden Scales of Arcturus: Mastery of Personal Balance & Fate 

Learn how to hold polarity in the mind and in the heart without falling into inner conflict. Clear the conflict of the mind and of the heart as you discover and learn how to become “the way through”— the inner balance between all things. Master your fate and your destiny through commitment to your inner balance. 



❣️Meditation No. 05—

Mastery of Cosmic Union of the Self: Synchronize the Self & All Parallel Realities


Bring all of your past lives, parallel realities, alternate realities, and future lives into synchronization and balance. Communicate with all versions and incarnations of your soul and synchronize your efforts and gifts as you decide what you want to activate in this life. Bring all aspects of the self into synchronization and balance (healing any fragmented realities) and bringing your power and energy into the now moment.


❣️Meditation No. 06—

Womb of the Cosmic Mother: Cultivating Divine Success Activating Your Personal Highest Potential 


Deeply heal your connection to the Cosmic Mother and the womb of all creation. Connect deeply with Mother Gaia, and nurture your highest potential realities, and greatest potential in the self through incubating your fullness in this healing activation. You’ll connect to the deep energetic coding in the cellular memory of your body, and improve & synchronize cellular communication within your body.


❣️Meditation No. 07—

Reflection Perfection: Mirror of the Mind 


Engage the nature of reality through perceiving your immediate mirror of the mind. Engage and understand yourself from your very own consciousness and reflections, so that you can change yourself now, rather than wait for reality to deliver to you the physical reflection. This is a deeply healing soul-consciousness activation. Showing you what you think and believe clearly, in the mind and the heart.


❣️Meditation No. 08—

Ascension Codes of Aliyra: Hawaiian Ascension Seat Wealth Blueprint 


Deeply reprogram your success and wealth blueprints in this lifetime and across your multidimensional experience. This Ascension Seat activation is extraordinarily sacred. In this activation we’ll grant you a clean slate for wealth and success, connecting you deeply to your own blueprint of divine entitlement to success from God/Source-Consciousness regardless of your upbringing, previous soul contracts, or socioeconomic status. 


❣️Meditation No. 09—

Observing the Mind: Tapping into the Matrix of Thought to Cultivate Success 


Release the logical mind from the reptilian mind rooted in fear & self sacrifice. Transcend all fear based thinking into faith by switching off the reptilian mind, and turning on the higher activations of the reflections of the mind. Learn how certain types of thinking and perceiving communicate through the mind, and rewire your mind for positive expectation.


❣️Meditation No. 10—

Golden Codes of Awakening of the Sacred Royal Dragon Family: Divine Wealth and Success Activation 


Connect to your soul family, your galactic family, and your sacred royal dragon family in the multiverse. You’ll visit an ascension seat associated with your original soul-dragon family and reprogram your energetic blueprint for the original success of all that you are. 


❣️Meditation No. 11—

Ascension Seat of Helios: Shift In Personal Perception, Choosing New & Embracing Change 


In this activation you’ll visit the Ascension Seat on the Sun. You’ll connect to the original soul spark, and energetic current of your soul, connecting deeply to your inner confidence, inner radiance and original soul-connection.

Access Includes Audio Album Download & Online Video Streaming of all 11 Guided Meditations in the Student Portal App.

Hi! I am Emelina.

Spiritual mentor, modern shaman, high performance life coach and personal branding coach.


Here to help you identify & activate your absolute highest potential so you can step into a future that you want to create.


I facilitate deep inner transformation and healing by helping you to:

1. Get intimate with your inner zone of genius,


2. Design your life & business to meet you in your most authentic, effortless, peak states,


3. Connect deeply to your own inner authority and deeply-led spiritual guidance,


4. Cultivate you deep authentic expression.



As a psychic medium, spiritual channel and modern shaman— I channel Source consciousness to clear and heal the programming that is running your current reality. Moving and clearing anything standing in the way of your highest states of personal creative expression.


These guided meditations are activations and healing transmissions that I created as a shamanic healer. They work to heal and correct imbalances in your subtle energy body and soul blueprint around your coding and programming around success & wealth.


Everything I do is on behalf of the highest good of all involved, in balance with the force of life, and in respect to the free will laws of this Universe.


These Meditations are formatted just like how I walk my clients through energetic healing meditations sessions to clear and heal the energy body.


Everything that is matter—is energy first.


If you can clear, heal and reprogram your energy, you can expect positive changes in your physical reality. 


Enjoy! ~ Emelina

11 Guided Meditations Include…

Encoded with Light Language & High Vibrational Energetic Programming 


✅ Each Meditation is 19min – 38min in Length 


✅ Full Album Includes 5.5 Hours of Guided Meditations 


✅ Download the Full Audio Album in 2 Versions: Voice Only, & Album Including Healing Binaural Music Solfeggio Frequencies 


✅ Stream the video guided Meditations Online or Via the App 


Helping You to Reprogram Your Subtle Energy Body To…


• Improving cellular communication in the body


• Rewriting soul contracts around wealth, success, abundance and self worth


• Recoding your access to your higher-potential in this life & nurturing it


• Tapping into royal cosmic mastery & entitlement around your birthright to success


• Working with the reflections of the mind & improving mind-body communication


• Diving into the deep (often unknown) desires of the heart & accessing your deep inner knowing and wisdom of personal success


• Recoding the energetic blueprint in the mind to release the reptilian brain filled with fear and self sacrifice, training the mind energetically into faith & positive expectation


• Heal ancestral wounding around wealth and success and carve your own path


• And so much more.

You’re ready to…

> Energetically clear and release any energetic programming or contracts that have been holding you back


> Clear overdue karmic patterns that have been on repeat and are ready to be resolved


> HEAL your energy body and get into direct alignment with your soul mission


> Create a new energetic standard of living, vibrating higher & attracting better circumstances as a result


> Break free from your past energetic programming & conditioning



A: This is an online course and curriculum that you can devour at your own pace. You’ll have access to the modules digitally upon enrollment. You can watch & learn them at your own pace. 



A: After enrollment, you’ll be directed to the page to sign up for an online account to access the content. I’ll also email you with details to create an account to access the digital course. You’ll receive an email from: wearewokeaf @ gmail.com or hi @ iamwoke.co

You’ll gain access to the entire program from logging into a course dashboard online.




A: That’s okay! You don’t need experience in doing energy work or even “effectively” meditating to gain the benefits of this work. The activations/transmissions/meditations are intentionally designed to meet you where you are, no matter your experience level. The guided meditations will work on upgrading your energy body/system no matter your experience working in this subtle realm. They are “alive” in consciousness and your higher self will help you receive the activations easily in the best way for you specifically that is the most sustainable method for you to receive. 



A: Yes! You’ll have lifetime access as well as any upgrades or updates I make to the album in the future.



A: No, I don’t offer refunds. I believe in your confidence and self belief in your intentional enrollment. Your commitment will create the way for your personal and spiritual development— your transformation. Without the deep sacred commitment, there is no transformation.


When you make the choice to enroll, decide that this can be and will be the best investment for you and it will be. Ask to be divinely led. Trust your heart, and your decision to enroll intentionally and decide that it will work for you— as it is intentionally designed & channeled to do so.


A: Ultimately, yes. However, it’s important that you embody your own work.

Embody the practices, make them yours and share what you feel called to share. If you choose to use specific practices from this album/program that I have intentionally channeled and shared, please give me credit as the original source. For any other questions on best practice and what you can share, please email me for permission guidelines at wearewokeaf @ gmail.com.



A: You are in charge of yourself, your commitment, your dedication and practice and your own results. To gain long term healing & results you will need to apply this methodology (among anything else you are guided to in your experience of healing) as an active practice and apply it to every area of your life and do the work. Take radical responsibility and ownership over your experience. This work will meet you where you are. Be determined to create your own results and you’ll gain precisely what you need.

I cannot control you, and what you choose to do or not do, or learn or not learn. No results are guaranteed or implied.


A: This meditation album & material is not a substitute for medical attention or therapy, and does not claim to be. This is an educational program for entertainment purposes. You acknowledge that the nature of the program is that of education/entertainment. 


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