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What if I told you that…

you can change

✅ You can create deep lasting transformation almost instantaneously— on demand.


❌It doesn’t have to be hard, strenuous or take a lifetime.

❌And you don’t need a “Guru” to do it. 


You can tap into your highest potential immediately.

No matter the chaos around you. 


You are entitled to your full potential.

To activating your *greatness*.

It’s your birthright.


Here’s how you do just that.


1. Discover the *Truth* of Who You Are at the Soul Level & Your Life Purpose


2. Clear Any Blocks: Hesitations or Past Karmic Patterns Holding You Back



3. Understand the Best Ways to Move Forward in Any Situation Based on a Deep Connection to Your Soul


4. Vibrate Higher: Amplify Your Light, Your Energy—Magnetically Attracting Miraculous Circumstances To You


Asking the Universe for a change.

For a big fat sign that will get you on track to discover your f*cking greatness…

your full potential.


Here’s the truth…

YOU are that Miracle.

You are the master of your fate— the captain of your soul.

It’s about becoming the miracle you pray for.

The Akashic Records will help you tap into that power.


And isn’t it about time you harnessed that knowing, that power and that awakening!?

To use that power to create a life you fall head-over-heels in LOVE with—

rather than one that’s rooted in mediocrity or conflict?

This world needs you in your highest potential now more than ever.

But I hear you…


“What!? Me!? But I don’t know if I’m truly meant to do big things in this life!?” 

Trust me sweetheart, you’re meant to own all that you are in this life. 


F*ck self doubt, hesitation and insecurities. 


This is your time to excel & to expand.

To become more of yourself than you thought possible, activating your deepest soul essence. 


No more learning “the hard way” through arduous life experience. 


No more mis-steps, no more seeking guidance and direction outside of yourself. No more paying it back to “karma”.

It’s time for you to

become your own Guru.

You’re ready to…

✅ Read Your Own Akashic Records & Get Access to a Wealth of Wisdom, Insight & Healing 


✅ Discover the Sacred Art of Working With Your Soul Blueprint


✅ Become Your Own Guru— Your Best Source of Spiritual Guidance 


✅ Develop Your Own Unique Psychic & Spiritual Abilities 


✅ Become Your Absolute Best: Heal Yourself and Your Past. 


✅ Tap into Your Greatest Potential & Create an Incredible, Outstanding Life You Love


✅ Become a Power Manifestor— Drawing Ideal Synchronicities, People & Circumstances to You Magnetically


✅ Heal & Re-Write Outdated Karmic Patterns, Soul Contracts & Soul Agreements


✅ Completely Transform— Glow Up & Watch as Everyone Wonders *How* You Did It


✅ Break Free from What’s Been Holding You Back & Finally Breakthrough to Who You Were Always Meant to Become

This is Sacred Soul Work.

It’s healing your energetic blueprint, and aligning yourself & your energy,

belief and expectations with your highest potential.

You’re like a volcano…

with massive potential sitting under the surface. 

I’m here to help you unlock your potential & see it for yourself.

To get access to your power and heal everything that stands in the way. 


You’re looking for direction— for answers to step into a larger life.

You’ll learn to decipher the signs and language of the Universe.

Tapping into your wild nature and your full soul-led expression.

spiritual coach los angeles life coach los angeles high performance coaching
















Working within the Akashic Records will help you

completely transform yourself

into the person you want to become…

seemingly overnight.


You’ll bolster your confidence, heal, grow, and

activate your highest potential.



Here’s the truth.


> Blockages & habitual patterns can be cleared and healed

> Limitations can be reprogrammed and lifted

> Karmic contracts can be renegotiated and resolved

> New desires can be programmed, activated & amplified.


With the right insight, attitude, material and practice…

your transformation can be effortless. 

Hi! I am Emelina.


Your Akashic Records course facilitator. 

When people meet me today, they see me as bright, motivated, uplifting, deeply guided, wildly confident and genuinely happy.


Many people assume I came from wealth, from a pleasant upbringing, from something that could only be described as an “easy life.”


But it was far from that. 


My spiritual awakening journey started with my first yoga class at 20 years old. Through the years I dived deep into healing, transformation, meditation and pursuit of my best. 


Along the way I experienced deep traumas. My childhood & young adult life included domestic abuse and assault. Unsafe conditions and deep challenges and difficulties a child and young adult should never have to experience. But… that’s life. 


One step at a time I was able to unravel it, hold space for myself and heal it using the wisdom and healing power from the Akashic Records. 


And I learned this…

> You are not your past circumstances.

> Your past does not define you. 

> Who you decide to become is what defines you.

> And you can make that decision right now.


You can heal & transform your past & become your highest potential.

Using the Guidance from the Akashic Records.


You can act differently, choose to heal, and claim all that you are right now.


That’s what I’ve done, and what I facilitate. 


I’ll help you access more of your best self— your highest potential. It’s my gift. 

Working with the Akashic Records as my cosmic life coaches completely transformed my life. 


The Akashic Records helped me understand my potential, tap into my inner zone of genius, understand myself and my core strengths at a deep level. It helped me to clear past limitations, big blockages and enormous fears that were keeping me stuck, in poverty, in abuse cycles. And truly, it helped me to heal effortlessly.


Whether it was building a six figure business, dropping 40lbs in a really healthy & effortless way, becoming really active and athletic, healing deep childhood wounds, abandonment and trauma, healing chronic PTSD, resolving inner conflict and past identities and shifting continually into my best.






So I created this course. 





I completely changed my life from one of deep trauma, struggle and deep grief & heartache using the Akashic Records to heal, reprogram and resolve past karma.

I resolved so much inner conflict, healed deep wounding and re-negotiated karmic contracts. Now, I’m happy, resolved and always in progress. I intentionally create my life rather than being a slave to “fate” and pre-determined circumstances.


I wish the same for you.

You deserve to become the version of yourself  that you’ve always dreamed of.


You deserve to access your dreams and your full potential.


When you work in the Akashic Records & are deeply committed to your growth and development the transformation is real.

Welcome to this

transformational Akashic Records Training…

A 6-Week deep dive intensive course

to learn to read your own Akashic Records. 


This is the fundamental program I created that I needed, to completely transform my life, heal my past deep trauma and wounding, and step into my greatest self in confidence.


This course is a combination of deep healing activations, and educational content to reach both your conscious mind and your subtle energy body for reprogramming and activating your DNA into your higher potential realities in this lifetime. It’s big work, but I make it very easy 😉









Read & Interpret your Own Personal Akashic Records

✨Activate & Discover Your Inherent Psychic Gifts & Learn to Develop Them

✨Clear & Heal Any Blockages or Limitations Standing in Your Way

✨Channel Your Higher Self 

✨ Get Clear Guidance to Heal & Move Forward with Anything and Everything in Your Highest Good

✨ Cultivate Personal Power & Become a Wealth of Energy

✨ Resolve Inner Conflict, Transform Your Perspective, Heal & Transform Limitations into Strengths

✨ Discover Your Own Spiritual Inspired Guidance 

✨ Collapse Timelines, Manifest Your Highest Potential Reality & Quantum Leap

✨ Re-Write Karmic Soul Contracts & Agreements Creating a Better Reality

✨ Create Inner Peace & Balance No Matter the Outer Chaos

✨Activate Your Starseed Ancestry & Galactic Akashic Records

✨ Access your highest potential & ground it into reality

✨ Become Your Own Best Source of Channeled Guidance. 

✨ and so much more…

This course and program is a huge



Alongside the Guardians and highest guides in the Akashic Records, I’ll teach you how to claim your power, see through illusion in any situation, speak your truth, and trust your inner psychic guidance & deep intuition. 

This program is meant to launch you into your soul purpose and your greatest potential.

And I promise, that energetically it does just that. The practicality is up to you. The container is here holding you to your highest standard, even if you don’t know what that is just yet.


What are the


They are an energetic container— a database of soul information. 

Containing all the secrets to hacking your *highest potential*.

It’s like biohacking for the soul.

Think of the Akashic Records like your cosmic life coaches. 

Your very own dedicated “soul-coaches”.

Except rather than guiding you from afar, they are up-close and personal.


They know everything that your soul has ever experienced, peering into your future realities and guiding you from the place of knowing your timelines, and what happens as a result of each action you take or claim. 


They’re there for you 24/7, and you can ask them to help you improve and transform any area of your life, seemingly overnight. 


You’ll gain access to this deep wisdom for the rest of your life. 

And you can access it anytime, anywhere, for any assistance you desire.

That’s what this course is about in a nutshell.

The Akashic Records Can Help You…

✨ Transform Your Finances

✨ Attract the Perfect Life Partner

✨ Build Your Business

✨ Create Perfect Marketing Messaging for Your Offers

✨ Lose Weight & Learn to Love Your Body

✨ Develop Your Psychic Gifts

✨ Learn the Art of Meditation

✨ Make Day to Day Practical Decisions

✨ Connect with Loved Ones Who Have Passed

✨ Deeply Heal Childhood Trauma

✨ Heal Your Generational/Ancestral Bloodline

✨ Tap Into & Access the Quantum for Rapid Manifesting

✨ Leave Toxic Relationships

✨ Understand Peoples’ True Intentions 

✨ Develop a Robustly Successful Career

✨ Guide & Parent Your Children

✨ Heal Family Wounds & Navigate Them for Better

✨ Tap into your Greatness— Your Highest Potential in this Life

✨ Develop Unshakeable Confidence

✨ Develop a Consistent Reliable Connection with Your Higher Self

✨ And so, so much more. 



2-3 Hours of Pre-Recorded Video Course Content

Pre-Recorded Weekly Deep Healing Attunements, Activations & Energetic DNA Upgrades Channeled Through the Akashic Records

Downloadable audio files of all the content to listen from your phone

Ebooks & PDF Resources

Deep Dive Homework to Integrate Your Practice


Past Life Regression & Parallel Reality Healing Guided Meditation! ($47 value)


Force of Life Healing Transmission & Activation Guided Meditation! ($47 value)

The Intensive 6-Week Curriculum Includes…

Welcome Pre-Work:

Preparing to Access Your Akashic Records

Before we officially begin the curriculum after you enroll you’ll have access to the pre-work bonus content. This includes a deep dive recorded workshop replay on preparing yourself to read your own Akashic Records.

You’ll Learn…

✨ How to Akashic Records can Help You Change Your Life

What this Healing Modality Offers & How You Can Use it Daily 

✨ How to Access the Akashic Records & Why You Should Care About Them!

✨ How to Manifest Everything You Want Using this Technology

A Healing Meditation in the Akashic Records to Amplify Your Personal Energy

Module No. 1

Access Your Akashic Records

In this module, you’ll learn how to access your very own Akashic Records. 

You’ll receive a healing attunement & transmission (guided meditation) attuning you to your psychic senses & strengthening your intuitive gifts & tuning into the guidance within the body intelligence.

You’ll Learn…

✨ All About the Akashic Records and How to Understand Them

What it Means to Heal & Transform in the Akashic Records

✨ How to Access Your Own Akashic Records & a Meditation to Do So

How to Begin Identifying & Understanding & Using your Psychic Gifts & Traits

A Profound Activation & Healing Meditation in the Akashic Records to Heal, Cleanse, and Amplify Your Personal Energy

Module No.2

Discover Your Soul Essence & Tap Into Your Higher Potential

In this module you’ll learn how to tap into your highest potential and soul essence through a sacred heart activation and container for radical self healing. The focus is on understanding who you truly are rather who you were conditioned to be.  You’ll receive a guided meditation attunement & transmission in the Akashic Records to unlock your highest potential & probabilities in this lifetime.

You’ll Discover How to…

Connect to Your Deepest Soul Essence & Highest Probabilities in any Moment, Event or Circumstance

How to Perform “Soul Retrievals” that Eliminate Inner Conflict and Self Doubt.

Prepare Yourself to be a Clear & Accurate Channel for Infinite Intelligence without Previous Experience

Connect Deeply to the Origin of Your Soul & Begin to Understand Your Full Potential

How to Know What is Your Ego Versus What is Guided Messaging & Remove Ego Interference from Your Guidance

Module No. 3

Mediumship: Connecting with Your Higher Self & Spirit Guides

In this module you’ll discover how to connect with your higher self and spirit guides within the Akashic Records container. We’ll start with channeling the higher self, and you’ll get to know all about this sacred connection & how they prefer to guide you.  You’ll receive a guided meditation attunement & transmission in the Akashic Records for accurate perception— to see clearly the truth & cut through illusion in any and every situation or energy you encounter.

You’ll Discover How to…

Channel Yourself, Your Higher Self, and Connect with Benevolent Spirit Guides

You’ll Learn How to Be a Medium for Your Own Spiritual Development

How to Know if Your Guidance is Just Your Own Voice or Channeled Divine Guidance

Learn what Questions to Ask in the Akashic Records to Gain the Insight & Direction You Need

Permanently & Fully Protect Yourself from Any Psychic or Energetic Harm While You Explore Your Spiritual Gifts

Module No. 4

Creating Unshakeable Confidence & Radical Self Belief

In this module you’ll discover how to create an endless supply of energy and power to manifest and create the life of your dreams. You’ll learn how to dissolve self doubt, insecurities, and hesitation while creating a pillar of radical self belief.  You’ll learn how to cultivate your deep-seated, sacred, inner power through a simple and highly-effective guided meditation.

You’ll Discover How to…

Keys to Managing Your Energy & Your Personal Power, Cultivating Your Power in a Healthy Way

How to Create Miracles Seemingly Out of Thin Air & Collapse Timelines/Quantum Leap

Learn to Work With Ascension Technologies that Cultivate Your Energy & Work For You on Autopilot

Beginning with the end in mind, become the engineer of your physical reality. Drawing ideas into physical expression to change and embrace the lifestyle you desire & deserve.

Module No. 5

Soul Contracts— Rewriting Your Soul Agreements & Writing Your Future

In this module you’ll discover how to discover and rewrite your soul contracts and soul agreements. You’ll discover how to clear and heal overdue past karmic contracts and fine tune your energetic field to work for you— automatically connecting to source, disconnecting from people and conversations when they’re over, and rewriting your future in alignment with who you desire to become. 

You’ll receive a guided meditation attunement & transmission in the Akashic Records for a technology that amplifies radical self belief and an activation for the sacred flames of creation (rapid healing and energetic ascension technologies including a sacred dragon family activation!).

You’ll Discover How to…

Write Your Soul Contract & Clear Previous Karmic Contracts that No Longer Serve You

Create Your Energetic Blueprint in a Way that Helps You Capitalize on Your Highest Potential Reality (Manifesting Like a Pro!)

✨Discover sacred ascension technology activations, transmissions and guided meditations to clear, heal and reset your energy every day for total success, de-chording from others, activating your wholeness and sacred protection, and aligning with the deep, sacred intelligence of your soul.

Module No. 6

Starseed Remembrance & Opening the Galactic Akashic Records

In this module you’ll discover your starseed origin outside of this incarnation. You’ll identify with your multidimensional self, and discover how to open and access your own Galactic Akashic Records. 

You’ll receive a guided meditation attunement & transmission in the Galactic Akashic Records for Starseed remembrance and a Starseed DNA activation. This activation awakens your multidimensional self with the help from the highest Pleiadian, Arcturian & Sirian Light Councils. This will awaken your life purpose & mission in this incarnation, as well as open you up to your Galactic mission purpose work. 

You’ll Discover How to…

Access Your Galactic Akashic Records & Synchronize with Your Multidimensional Self

Access Multidimensional Healing through the Galactic Akashic Records, Healing Your Soul Throughout all Time & Space

Awaken Your Starseed DNA & Remembrance of the Energy & Gifts from Your Starseed Lifetimes

Discover Your Starseed Origins & Learn All About the Starseed Races

Deeply Integrate & Continue Your Akashic Records Healing Work, Self Discovery & Transformation

Become your own guru.

Enroll using the link below and get instant access to the full program.

Video Testimonials from Past

Akashic Records Immersion Students/Graduates

What It’s Like to Work with Me from Previous Clients…

“Emelina empowered me to live unapologetically as my true, kick-ass self, and to open up to receive all of the support and opportunities that are right in front of me — that I didn’t even see. After clearing some blocks, she energetically filled up my solar plexus with my power, and opened my throat chakra for me to speak my truth, and to say what I think without judgment. I now OWN my power, my safety, and my worth. 


The tangible results are an increase in my salary, my power, and my joy. Before my session, I was a timid, shy woman. Now I’m a lion roaring, free to be myself… my true self. Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible transformation in one session. The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Your work translates into instant change. You are a rock star!!! Thank you, Emelina!!!”

– Meg B.

“I’ve had multiple readings with Emelina, but I will never forget the first one. Emelina helped me shift my perspective about romantic relationships, upgraded my [energetic] operating system and within 30-days I met my life partner. I had been single for 12 years, but our work together both provided the clearing and acceleration for my relationship to land in my life very quickly.


My favorite thing about the reading was that she gave me concrete steps to take to assimilate and solidify the shifts we ignited within our session. I’ve done a lot of spiritual readings, and this was the first time I was given clear next steps to take. It was this powerful combination of the session plus the follow up work that catalyzed my life to shift radically within such a short period of time.”

– Bri S.

Experiencing Emelina’s Akashic records work was exactly what I needed. I was feeling stressed out with some decisions in my business and wanted to be intentional with the direction I was growing it in. Emelina tapped into my Akashic Records and helped me feel peace AND gave me practical next steps that feel so in alignment that I’m glowing!!!


Her work is truly bringing the 5D into 3D application which is so needed. So grateful and the insights that came through has made me feel more confident about taking my business to $100k+ months.

– Amanda R.

This Course is Completely Online


How this Intensive Online Course Works…

+ 17+ Hours of Educational Videos


There are 5 modules including over 17 hours of educational video content & guided meditations & channeled healing activations. Take it at your own pace & devour the content week by week.


+ Learn At Your Own Pace


When you enroll you’ll gain immediate access to the welcome module, as well as module 1 content. Every week for 6 weeks you’ll receive access to a new module to jump into and watch at your own pace. Each module includes 2-3 hours of video curriculum & guided meditations.


+ Unlimited Lifetime Access


When you enroll, you’ll get unlimited lifetime access to this program. You can watch and rewatch content at your leisure, as you need it. Many of the activations will give you a boost of consciousness, power & energy as you listen to them again and again. 

Additionally, any other future content I decide to add– you’ll gain access to!


+ Energetic Healing Container


This course is a living container with a living consciousness. It’s here to help you access your potential in this lifetime, heal from your past, and recondition yourself to glow up into the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to become. The energetics are present in this material. The program is amplified by the guardians of the Akashic Records.


This course holds the space for your miraculous healing & transformation. Of course be patient with yourself, as sometimes the Universe needs to rearrange things, events and your own energy to create results that you can see in the 3D world. But the work energetically is done in this program.



This course isn’t *just another tool*.

It is a Sacred Program.

This course is a great change agent.



The Akashic Records are a vast modality that can handle all areas and aspects of personal & spiritual development. It’s never ending. It’s the big quantum healer.



A method of deep transformation, healing, awareness and self discovery. All for you to step into who you were always meant to become— your highest potential.

I teach spiritual people how to wake up, transform and activate their core creative power and potential. And that’s what I’ll help you do in this program, through accessing and reading your very own Akashic Records. 


You have access to the greatest power in the Universe— your creative force, and your will. 


This program will take you through the fundamentals to discovering the inherent power and responsibility that comes with manifesting on demand. Accessing your greater potential and clearing anything that stands in the way of it. 



This program is a massive uplevel. 

It’s quantum healing on steroids. 


It’s the shift, the transformation, the grace you’ve been looking for. 

And all designed intentionally, energetically, and with the conscious mental explanations of very abstract material. 

All to help you align your mind, body and spirit with your dreams. 

With the co-creation of your f*cking best life. 


Not your “mediocre… this would be nice… life.”


You’re f*cking unimaginable, expansive, best life.


Where you have no idea how you got here, or how you changed because you’ve become so different & so much better than who you were conditioned or raised to be.


You deserve to be your best. 

You deserve healing. 

You deserve an incredible life. 

What It’s Like to Work with Me from Previous Coaching Clients…

My reading provided guidance on how to explore the energy fields I was connecting to through my daily meditation practice. The downloads can be overwhelming and confusing but Emelina provided a framework in which to safely explore what the universe was sharing with me. So amazing and just so grateful to have been able to tap into her gift. Look forward to connecting with her again in the future…thank you! 

– Kim W. 

Emelina provided much clarity for my challenging  situation and left me with guidance and feeling empowered. I really appreciated the email of the session summary with examples of practical practices I can do to help myself. Emelina is open minded, light, loving and compassionate spirit. She is connecting with a higher vibrational realm. Thank you for all your amazing and much needed work Emelina!

– Lana D. 

“I’ve seen so many psychic channels, people on Youtube that I love. And I didn’t even think to hesitate— the one I wanted to work with was Emelina. I just have to share how excited and elated I am —I loved her work with me. It was so helpful, so insightful and joyful and she really gets down to the nitty gritty details and clearing what was holding me back.



I can’t say enough how much I loved it. If anyone has the opportunity to work with her please do — she will change your life. I’m so excited to see what positive things are about to happen to me after working with her because we changed that much. I just want people to reach out. Reach out to Emelina to see what can happen in your life, to access who you are and the possibilities that exist for you. Thank you so much!!”

– Maura M.

“My Akashic records session with Emelina was truly a life changing event. Emelina is one of the most gifted and loving channels I’ve ever met! I really appreciated her emphasis on creating a safe space and container during our session and while being in the Akashic records.


Emelina was able to connect with my guides and confirm and clarify the things I had been asking about. Her ability to see clearly in the Spirit realm and follow divine guidance every step of the way resulted in me being freed from energetic attachments that no longer serve my highest timeline. 


The results of empowerment and peace were immediately apparent after our session, and following the guidance channeled through Emelina has allowed me to integrate this cellular energetic upgrade with much more ease than I’ve been able to in the past. 


I think something I appreciated most was that she left me with tools and instructions channeled from source to further my healing journey. It was very empowering and it shows how genuinely dedicated to helping others she is. I really cannot say enough about Emelina’s gifts and how the divine guidance and healing I received during our session is positively impacting my life and my family. If you are in need of real Divine guidance that is channeled safely through Source, I highly recommend working with Emelina!”

– Andrea C.


Q: How will I receive the program?


A: Each module will be released one per week for 6 weeks. You can watch & learn them at your own pace. 


Q: I don’t have any experience with the Akashic Records, and I’m not psychic. 


A: That’s okay! You don’t need experience to gain the benefits of this program. The material is intentionally designed to meet you where you are, no matter your experience level.


Q: Will I have access to this program after the 6 weeks?


A: Yes! You’ll have lifetime access as well as any upgrades or updates I make to the program in the future. 


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: I do not offer refunds. I believe in your confidence and self belief in your intentional enrollment. Your commitment will create the way for your personal and spiritual development— your transformation. Without the deep sacred commitment, there is no transformation.

When you make the choice to enroll, decide that this can be and will be the best investment for you and it will be. Ask to be divinely led.


This is a sacred program with a sacred financial commitment. Your commitment to the program and the investment is much of what will help you energetically transform. Thus, there are no refunds.


Enroll intentionally and decide that it will work for you— as it is intentionally designed & channeled to do so.


Q: Can I share my login with friends?


A: No. This course is a sacred container meant for you and your own personal commitment and sacred contract that is held through your conscious agreement and personal investment. If you openly shared the material, others will not receive the activations, energetics nor codes that have been actively, intentionally programmed into this course. The guardians of the Akashic Records are watching your intentions and actions in alignment with this agreement. If you think a friend would benefit from the program, encourage them to enroll. This program is of the highest sacred and spiritual integrity. 


Q: I am a healer/teacher myself. Can I share what I learn in your program with my community & clients?


A: Ultimately, yes. However, it’s important that you embody your own work.


Embody the practices, make them yours and share what you feel called to share. If you choose to use specific practices from this program that I have intentionally channeled, please give me credit as the original source. For any other questions on best practice and what you can share, feel free to email me for permission guidelines at [email protected] or [email protected]


Q: How will I access the course content after enrolling?


A: After enrollment, I’ll contact you with details to create an account to access the program.


Q: Do you guarantee results?


A: No results are guaranteed nor implied. I cannot control you, and what you choose to do or not do, or learn or not learn.


You are in charge of yourself, your commitment, your dedication and practice and your own results. To gain long term healing & results you will need to apply this methodology (among anything else you are guided to in your experience of healing) as an active practice and apply it to every area of your life and do the work. Take responsibility and ownership over your experience. This work will meet you where you are. Be determined to create your own results and you’ll gain precisely what you need.


Q: Is this program a substitute for medical attention or therapy?


A: No. This program is not a substitute for medical attention or therapy, and does not claim to be. This is an educational program for entertainment purposes. You acknowledge that the nature of the program is that of education.

Financial Prayer Invocation:


If this program is financially challenging for you but you want to enroll— say this financial prayer invocation.

Source/Great Spirit (God/Creator/Universe/Highest Guides/Angels), please help me to see the way forward. Help me to be in a state of receiving. Help me to release any resistance to receiving that which I most desire. Help me to see the opportunity present in this now moment and the next steps to move forward with this program. I demand immediate Divine financial compensation to bring me into practical alignment with this financial investment. Help me to immediately discover the resources I need to enroll, and to trust myself and my decisions fully. I expect to be brought into immediate alignment with this offer and my decision to enroll in a way that is easy, effortless and in my highest good. And so it is.

Become your own guru.

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