I’ll Show You How…

It’s time for you to thrive.

To step out into this world unapologetically


To break free of your past conditioning and circumstances.

To break free of playing small, hiding parts of yourself and

trying to “fit in” to a mold that other people created for you.


? You were meant to stand out, be free, be radiant and feel completely expressed.

?  You were meant to be bold & unapologetic about who you are.

?  You were always meant to be the most you.


There isn’t a safer time to be more YOU, than right now.

Maybe You’ve Been… 


>> Holding yourself back. Feeling unexpressed. Wondering what it would be like to just let loose and embrace your wild side— take the shots, and make the “big bold moves”.


>> Biting your tongue to avoid upsetting others, afraid of what it would really be like to honestly, transparently say what you need to say & be respected simultaneously.


>> Toning down the volume of “you” to fit in. When will you just be accepted for who you are!? Can people handle you!?


>> Being “too much” or “not enough”. Trying to be “appropriate”, wondering when you can truly just show up yourself and let that be enough.


>> Wondering if you’re going in the right direction in life and if you’re getting any of it “right”. You think… “if only I “knew” what to do, I’d be crushing it.”


>> Getting in your way. You know… right before it all gets really great, somehow you muck it up. Or only allow in a fraction of what you want. Upper limits are real.


>> You’re over the self-imposed glass ceiling and you want to know how to breakthrough to create the life you’ve always imagined. All in a way that feels safe for your nervous system.


>> You’re exhausted with second-guessing yourself & experiencing crippling anxiety. If you just knew with complete certainty what the next right steps were— you’d take them!


>> You’re constantly wondering what “perfect thing” you could say or do. The one that would get you— your next client, your next hot date, finally step into your hot body, or gain the approval from family and friends. (Hint… there is no perfect thing. That perfect thing is… you. 😉 )


If any of this resonates… then this program is for you. 

Enough is enough.


Kick the self doubt to the curb— and discover how to embrace yourself radically, authentically and unapologetically to create a life you fall in love with everyday.

In This Program You’ll…


✅ Become radically authentic.

✅ Step into the most radically confident version of yourself.

✅ Let go of other peoples’ expectations & opinions of you. 

✅ Learn how to become bold and uninhibited in your approach. 

✅ Become totally certain in what you’ll have & create.

✅ Fall in love with your life everyday.

✅ Learn to feel certain and secure in who you are 

in your process of creating your dream life.


Step into the Highest Version of Yourself.


✅ Intentionally Design Your Future & Next-Level YOU.

It all starts with your self worth

It all starts with learning to trust yourself


It all starts with understanding who you are,

what you want and learning to trust your own inner-guided process.


This program is a breakthrough program to help you break the mold that you were taught to become. 


It’s a template to become the most YOU. 


To the beliefs, opinions and expectations of others.

For a time, it’s kept you “safe”. But at what cost? 

The cost of your— Joy. Happiness. Self-fulfillment. Total creative bliss.

It cost you amazing ideas and inspiration. Your f*cking dream life.

And the worst part?? It’s mostly subconscious!


Conforming, fitting in, and playing small have been holding you back.

—Drowning your dreams before they even get a moment to come up for air and show themselves.

—Halting your manifestations in their tracks before they get any momentum.

—Holding you in patterns of behaving that keep you stuck, unexpressed, and even depressed.

—Crushing any semblance of confidence and self worth that you could actually create the life of your dreams.


But… It doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can learn from the past.


Conforming to your surroundings helped you to survive

Now… it’s time to rise as the phoenix from the ash, and thrive.


You were not meant to conform. 

You were always meant to stand out.


I’m here to help you

break free and

learn how to thrive

To feel safe in your bones. In your skin. In your approach— your “way”.


First, by introducing a new way of living and being. 

—A new way of trusting yourself as your own wealth of inspiration and guidance. 

—A new way of stepping into your truth and safety.


Second, by teaching you to trust yourself, your impulse and your instinct.

—Trusting the safety of presence.

— Trusting that you’ll be provided for (by not just the Universe… but… YOU).

—Trusting that you’ll know what you want, and you’ll get it.


Truth #1—You learned to conform to stay safe.

To go through life “under the radar” hoping you’ll never set off

some secret “booby-trap” that locks you into your personal armageddon.


Truth #2— You can learn to feel safe

in being authentically yourself.

No masks. No acting. No pretending. No maintenence required.



My intention with this program is to—

Provide a template to create the deepest self trust, deep self worth and uncanny certainty of everything that you are. 


This program is about teaching you to trust yourself. 

Trusting yourself is the safest way forward to create the life you’ve always imagined & always dreamed of. 



And finally create the life, and the results you’ve always desired. 

It starts with you. 


It all begins with your

trust in your radiant, authentic expression 


The trust that you can say what you need to say, express what you need

to express, and align to your most authentic soul-self.

In combination with your multi-faceted human expression and personality 😉


That way, you can navigate this world in an uncanny state of bliss. 

Being who you are. 

Rejecting the masks that you embodied to stay safe around others who wished for you to play small. 


And realizing that it’s all been inside of you the whole time. 

That YOU were always who you needed. 


Culturally you were taught to reach outside of yourself self to get what your needs met:

To gain the right direction, trust, approval, validation, support, and love.

And sure, you can get it outside of yourself— but… it’s fickle.

The better way, is to give it all to yourself


You are all you need.

The magic you’ve been looking for is— YOU.

What you need is your own self-approval and permission to be radically you.

The beauty is that you don’t need any external validation or permission to have it.


You can have it all right now.


Here’s the catch…

1. You’ll need to train yourself out of thinking you can’t.

2. You’ll need to condition your mind and your nervous system

to accept that you are “the one”. Everything starts and ends with you. You’re in the driver’s seat.


You are the answer to your prayers.

You are your own Guru.

In this program, I’m going to show you how to tap into that wellspring of authenticity

and guidance to become sure-footed and totally secure in

who you are and what you’ll have from this world.



You don’t need other peoples’ opinions, validation or approval.

Here’s what you really need—

You need your own self trust.

Your own validation. 

Your own approval.


This program will teach you how to

break the mold that created you: 

from cultural programming, to generational & family expectations. 


You’ll break—through

To your most confident, self-assured, radiant YOU. 


It’s the most safe to be yourself. 

And I’m going to teach you just how to do just that… BE yourself 😉

Photo Credit: Kelly Gullett

Hi! I am Emelina.

I am many things— a medicine woman, a shaman,

a cosmic sherpa, an intuitive guide, a profound healer, a spiritual mentor, life advisor and personal branding business coach. 

I’m a digital marketing & social media expert seen in Politico Magazine & New York Times— turned spiritual high performance coach.


And like you— I was stuck trying to figure out who the f*ck I am, in a sea of opinions and expectations. Trying to be what everyone wanted me to be. Thinking if I could just be “perfect enough” maybe then the Universe would:


— Shower me with money

— Help me build a thriving business without selling my soul

— Attract the right soul-mate love

— Fix my broken home and a broken family

— Attract friends that I didn’t need to hide parts of myself from

— Maybe then I could be “worthy enough” for everything I’ve ever wanted to succeed


But… it’s a never ending negative feedback loop. Trying to be something that I was not— to please everyone around me— became depleting and exhausting. Until I grew one step at a time to give to myself what I always wanted from others: validation, approval, love and unapologetic permission to be… me. 


It’s so much easier to be yourself than to be what everyone has conditioned you to become. The key is understanding the core of yourself, who you are and why you are that way. Tapping into the wealth of your soul, your valuable experience, and making it safe for you to step out into this world completely, unapologetically yourself. 


I help people activate their highest potential and transform into the highest version of themselves through expanding consciousness, healing trauma, reprogramming their beliefs into alignment with who they desire to become, & intentionally designing the next-level version of themselves. This program is 15 years of my personal development work rolled into one program.


It’s life changing.

Here’s the Truth…


You can create the life of your dreams— effortlessly.

How do you captivate your most fulfilled, purpose-driven life?

>> Be totally transparent and honest with who you are and what you want

>> Set clear boundaries for what you want and what you don’t want.

>> Know who you are.


 Become unshakeable.

 Become unyielding.

 Become unapologetic.



Set the standard that—

you expect the best from yourself— from your soul.

Aligning to the radical authenticity of who you are, and all that you have become. 


Not from the place of perfection ? but from the place of radical alignment.

Not from the place of ego ? but from the place of soul

Not from the place of craving validation & permission ? but from the place of creating the NEXT-LEVEL YOU


Create yourself into who you want to become

And become it. 

Give yourself the permission you crave. 

Have the AUDACITY to believe you can have it all. 


Then step right into itembracing the relationship with yourself. 

You don’t need to wait for anyone’s approval or permission.

You can have it all— right now.


Embrace your future and create it now


There is but one way forward. 

It is undeniably safe. 

It is becoming the most YOU.

This program will unleash who you are

Into this World.


It will teach you that you are the safest thing you can be in this world. 

And that everything else can fall to the wayside. 


Let go of everything that is no longer of service to you. 

Be demanding enough to call into your life what you want. 

And decide that you can have it. 

Then authentically radiate that expression of inner-self worth into everything that you do. 



You’re fed up with the lies. The manipulation. The self-doubt. 

Thinking that if you just “said this one thing” or “acted this way” that you’d get the results you desire. 


You’ve had enough of the…

✖️ “Just do this one thing and you’ll be successful…”

✖️ “Follow this map exactly and you’ll manifest your dream reality…”

✖️ “If you just act this way, people will love you, pay you and you’ll get everything you want…”


That’s all conditional love and self-manipulation.

It’s trying to change the outside world to feel better.

Trying to control circumstances outside of yourself.

But… it’s doomed to fail because…


Life is a mirror. 

And everything you experience is reflecting YOU back to YOU in that mirror. 

You cannot control the world.

You can only control yourself, and how you show up.


You can only control the image that you are in the mirror to change the external reflection.

You have total control over you— your energy projection— how you think and how you act.



If you want an extraordinary life that feels as effortless as being yourself…



Let me explain…

Changing yourself and trying to fit into to relationships, people, or situations

that do not serve your authentic expression are keeping you playing small. 

They’re keeping your manifestations under lock and key.


It’s completely conditional.

It’s you saying to the Universe… “I’ll only love myself when other people love me first”.

But… life doesn’t work that way. 

You must learn to be totally dedicated and unwavering in WHO YOU ARE,

and watch as the world conforms *to you*.


If you’re sick of “conditional love” and you want all the

Universe has in store for you— you have to let go of the conditions.

Become the unconditional. Become totally, radically yourself.


You’re sick of being… 

>> Unexpressed

>> Holding back

>> Controlling yourself and others


You want to…

Be free to express yourself and know you’ll be met

⭐ Be free to say what’s on your mind, and

act how you feel the most inspired, without worrying if that will get you what you want

Stop compromising your values left and right,

trying to get approval and validation from others


You just wish you could…BE YOURSELF?

And trust that being yourself is enough.

That the world would meet you there. 


This is where I come in. This is what I’m here to facilitate. 


My prayer to you—

—May you be radiantly expressed. 

—Totally authentic in who you are.

—May you be unyielding in yourself. 

—Totally unbreakable. 

—Completely, honestly, authentically you

Welcome to…

A program to unleash and unlock the hidden aspects of yourself.

Become the most unapologetic, radiant & authentic expression— of YOU.

11 Breakthrough

Video Module Curriculum

Guided Meditations

to Shift Your Energy

Lifetime Access &


❌ No more playing it small. 

❌ No more hiding. 

❌ No more holding back. 


✅Your power is your gift.

✅ Your authenticity is the secret weapon.

✅ Your unyielding nature is the balance and harmony in everything you wish to create.


Enough self-sacrifice. 

Step into your power, your self worth and your gifts. Claim them. 

I’ll show you how.

In This Program You’ll…


✅ Become radically authentic.

✅ Step into the most radically confident version of yourself.


✅ Intentionally Design Your Future & Next-Level YOU.


Step into the Highest Version of Yourself.


✅ Let go of other peoples’ expectations & opinions of you. 

✅ Learn how to become bold and uninhibited in your approach. 

✅ Become totally certain in what you’ll have & create.

✅ Fall in love with your life everyday.

✅ Learn to feel certain and secure in who you are 

in your process of creating your dream life.

I’m here to teach you…

> How to claim your greatness, become radically authentic & unshakably confident.


> Kick doubt, insecurity and other peoples’ opinions to the curb.


> Become totally self-assured, secure, and safe in your unapologetic expression.


Break the Mold is 15 years of my personal, professional and spiritual development wrapped up into a program to take you step by step through my own inner template of self authority. Self security. Self sovereignty. 


This is my life’s work. It’s taken me 15 years to become the person that could write this program, embody this and teach it.


Radical authenticity meets unshakeable confidence.

All alongside your soul.

This Program Includes:


❤️ Desktop & Mobile App Access— learn at home or on the go from your phone

❤️ Online course dashboard to access anytime & learn at your own pace

❤️ Community access for additional accountability, support & Q&A

❤️ Lifetime access including any future updates to the program


24 Hours of Video Curriculum:


❤️ Every Module Includes: 1.5 – 3 Hours of Video Curriculum

❤️ Guided Meditations to help you Integrate the Learning Material

❤️ Deep Dive Journal Prompts & Homework Reflections

❤️ Video Transcriptions

❤️ 92 Lessons


This program includes approximately a total of 24 hours of video teaching content

In this Program You’ll Discover…

>> How to be confident and self-assured from your healthy sense of self and not from an over-inflated ego.


>> How to stop the cycle of indecision and doubt. Stop second guessing yourself, wondering if you’re “getting it right” and learn to trust your own inner magic and process of creation.


>> You’ll learn to discover and trust yourself, learning to choose what feels good and right for you in any moment. You’ll learn precisely how to be kind to yourself and love yourself into exploration of your confidence & inner fire.


>> Stop obsessing over what other people think of you. Kick people pleasing to the curb, and be totally confident in who you are and the value of what you offer in being yourself.


>> Get the F*ck out of your own way. Stop sabotaging your success and break any upper limits and glass ceilings in your mentality that have been holding you back. 


>> Clear the past & any conditions that are the blocks standing in your way to embracing your greatness & everything you want to create in this world.


>> Get clear on what you deserve and how to step into the next-level you that’s ready to have it all. 

>> Stop insecurity in its tracks. Discover how to embrace your insecurities and transform them from weaknesses into strengths.


>> Stop the “fake it ’till you make it” process and become the magnetic, clear, and most confident you. #NoMasksRequired


>> Be free to express yourself, stop holding back, and become wildly powerful and magnetically— YOU!


>> Be free to say what’s on your mind, and act how you feel the most inspired, without worrying if that will get you what you want. Discover how to get the results you want without having to “bargain” with the Universe.


>> Give zero f*cks about what anyone thinks about you (in the best way!). Stop compromising your values left and right, trying to get approval and validation from others & STEP INTO YOUR POWER.


>> Know where you’re going, and the radiant future you’re creating in this next-level you!


>> Stop worrying about whether or not you’re “manifesting correctly” with the Universe. Become the unstoppable force of good where you are *JUST YOURSELF* and everything you want comes to you, seemingly effortlessly.


>> And so much more…

Belief-Busting Curriculum:


❤️‍Day 0: You Are Becoming

❤️‍Day 1: Know Who the F*ck You Are

❤️‍Day 2: F*ck the Past. Clear it for Good

❤️‍Day 3: Get the F*ck Out Of Your Way

❤️‍Day 4: Get F*cking Present 

❤️‍Day 5: Know What the F*ck You Want

❤️‍Day 6: Know Where the F*ck You’re Going

❤️‍Day 7: Activate Your Highest F*cking Potential

❤️‍Day 8: Unleash Your F*cking Power 

❤️‍Day 9: Become Radically F*ckng Authentic

❤️‍Day 10: You are a F*cking Unstoppable Force of Good

❤️‍Day 11: Your Big F*cking Vision— Your North Star




Step into the Next-Level, Most Confident— YOU.


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11 Transformational

Breakthrough Module Curriculum

DAY 0: You Are Becoming

❤️‍ Discover the perspective shift that will calm your nervous system, and settle any fear, doubt or uncertainty in your process of becoming someone new.


❤️‍ Surrender to the success of your inner journey of transformation, how to hold space for it and get out of the way.


❤️‍ Learn how to set a powerful intention to carry you through your preferred transformation and experience.

DAY 1: Know Who the F*ck You Are

❤️‍ Get clear in knowing who you are, and what you’re not so you can avoid manifesting difficult experiences. Get clear on your values, and your authentic value. 


❤️‍ Discover the hidden powerful attraction and magnetism in your “mess” and all the “undesirable” traits you’ve been accustomed to hiding under the rug. I’ll teach you how to embrace your mess, own it and use it as a radiant attractive powerful force to magnetize everything you want to you.


❤️‍ Discover how to feel safe in being totally magnetic. You’ll learn how to become “untouchable” & a force to be reckoned with. 

DAY 2: F*ck the Past. Clear it for Good

❤️‍Escape from your previous conditioning and limitations, clearing the past for good & permanently getting it out of the way. 


❤️‍Discover the very blocks, circumstances, people that have been holding you back. Release them and confidently step into the new you. 


❤️‍Understand how to embrace your confidence fully & what conditioning created the displacement of it in the first place.

Day 3: Get the F*ck Out Of Your Way

❤️‍Deeply understand your own personal resistance, why you block what you want, transmute it and jump out of your own way to create the extraordinary success you crave.


❤️‍The keys to surrender out of survival mode and shift into a state of thriving & acceptance. Connect deeply to your inner alchemist and transform all pain into success. 


❤️‍Learn to trust your inner magic & guidance. Feel safe letting go of control. You’ll know what to do and when to do it in perfect unison with the magic of the Universe. So all you have to do is show up… yourself.

Day 4: Get F*cking Present

❤️‍How to collapse time and manifest what you want with speed—on demand. 


❤️‍Allow the resources you need at any moment to magically appear (even those you didn’t know to ask for).


❤️‍Stop obsessive anxious thoughts in their tracks. Align with feeling good, learn how to relax and see borderline instantaneous results.

Day 5: Know What the F*ck You Want

❤️‍Discover how to always get what you want— leaving no room open for any compromise or limitation. Finally let go of insecurity, indecision, obligation and negotiation. 


❤️‍Stop sending out mixed signals to the Universe. The reason why you’re not getting your manifestations clear as day is because you’re crossing wires. I’ll show you how to get immediately clear.


❤️‍Dissolve confusion & indecision in an instant. Know precisely what you want & exactly what decision is “right” for you— period.

Day 6: Know Where the F*ck You’re Going

❤️‍Discover the 6-step process to always know your future with certainty & security. Create the future from flow, freedom and expansion rather than confusion or fear. 


❤️‍Become unwaveringly certain about your success. Feel deeply rooted in your own security & sense of self knowing that you deserve the best. 


❤️‍Trust your deep magic & your process. Step out of “planning” & safely let go of control. This will leave you feeling at ease as you navigate uncertainty into complete knowing of what you’ll have.

Day 7: Activate Your Highest F*cking Potential

❤️‍Stop “waiting” for your higher potential and step into it now with these easy tools to embrace your excellence. 


❤️‍Discover how to wildly express yourself completely no matter the situation. Express your truth with tact & accuracy. Trust that your expression is the medicine everyone needs to hear.


❤️‍Trust yourself deeply. Stop second guessing yourself. Know with total speed and accuracy what is “right” for you 24/7. 

Day 8: Unleash Your F*cking Power 

❤️‍Know the difference between becoming the person who gets what they want, or doesn’t— and how to claim this deep secretive power. 


❤️‍Understand the intricacies of power dynamics in your relationships. How to know what people want from you, if it’s good for you or not— and how to always get what you want without compromise (from soul—not ego). 


❤️‍Discover how to safely stand your ground and become a force to be reckoned with. Feel safe claiming & occupying your power & expression in any dynamic or situation.

Day 9: Become Radically F*ckng Authentic

❤️‍Identify, own and transform all of your insecurities into self-security, authority—knowing who you are and what you must have. 


❤️‍Release the idea of being “too much” or “not enough” and claim your self worth effortlessly. Be totally unapologetic and radically authentic no matter the situation.


❤️‍Become totally unapologetic about who you are and how you express yourself authentically. Release other peoples’ opinions and expectations. Quit using other people as the reason why you hold yourself back. Feel safe responding to every circumstance life tosses your way— totally, radically you (no preparation required).

Day 10: You are a F*cking Unstoppable Force of Good

❤️‍Alchemize any experience, and turn everything into absolute GOLD from which you build your life and foundation. Dissolve anything that stands in your way of your most radiant life— the life you fall in love with everyday. 


❤️‍Create your future now. Collapse Time. Embrace your destiny. Know it is here for you, and you must have it. Become totally unwavering about what you’re here to have and experience.


❤️‍Intentionally design your next-level self and occupy your highest potential reality now as an unstoppable force of good. 

Day 11: Your Big F*cking Vision— Your North Star

❤️‍Discover how to create sustainable, lasting change that you don’t lose. It’s always with you, and you’re always building a better, more stable, more expansive life that you can maintain.


❤️‍Create a life filled with freedom and security. Quit “waiting” for the money, the love, or the validation to show up. You can have it all now & I’ll show you how.


❤️‍Step into your radiant, authentic expression. Completely transform into your powerful next-level self understanding next-level wealth, security, stability, relationships and freedom.

This curriculum has been divinely channeled through the Akashic Records,

Divine Mother, Divine Father, and my vast array of own personal experience & deep integration. 


This Breakthrough INTENSIVE Program Includes…

✅ 11 Deep dive video teaching modules

✅ Stories and analogies to help you learn, assimilate, and embody the material quickly

✅ Deep dive homework and journal prompts to get out of your way & shift your perspective to change your reality

✅ A sacred curriculum & energetic medicine that meets you where you are, and gently helps shift your perspective and transform yourself through your awareness & reflection.

✅ Ascension technology meditations channeled through the Akashic Records to help you create the change and shift in your energetic body and spiritual awareness to expedite your process (these are deeply healing activations just like seeing a shaman for spiritual healing work, an energy healer, or even as subtle as doing reiki).

We tackle transformation in four key ways:

Mental Shift: Bridging the gap between ideas and perspectives for you to process mentally.

Emotional Shift: Offering reflection emotionally through the journal prompts & homework.

Energetic Shift: Healing and aligning your energy body & spiritual awareness through guided meditations.

Physical Shift: The physical shift is up to you to show up, do the work, and anchor the change in your life 😉


It is an intensive program to help you shift out of

what you were taught to become— and step into

your radiant power, alongside your authentic soul-self.

This powerful digital course can be taken in one of three ways:

11 days, 33 days or 11 weeks. 


I trust you to decide what pacing is the best for you and what you need right now. 

You’ll have access to all the video modules and homework on enrollment.

| 11 Day Intensive |

This option is for the fast-action takers. This can be devoured in 11 days as an intensive to immediately shift into the new you. Absorb the content. Do the homework. And step into the power and wealth of your own creation.

| 33 Day Intensive |

This option is what I recommend to create a shift in just over a month. You can visit each new module every 3 days. Deep dive into the modules and do the homework every three days. This is a fast-paced intensive program.

| 11 Week Intensive |

In this option, you can watch and integrate one module every week. Focusing on the content for the week. Taking a full week at a time to do the homework, and shift slowly over the course of 11-weeks for highly-sustainable results. 

This intensive program is a self-paced online course & curriculum delivered digitally.

You know yourself best and how to pace yourself. You will know which method will be the best for you. You’ll be given access to all of the modules on enrollment and can pace yourself through your own timing for the best results for YOU.




Step into the Next-Level, Most Confident— YOU.


Enroll Below & Get Instant Access to the Full Program.



I’ve had multiple sessions with Emelina, but I will never forget the first one. Emelina helped me shift my perspective about romantic relationships, upgraded my [energetic] operating system and within 30-days I met my life partner. I had been single for 12 years, but our work together both provided the clearing and acceleration for my relationship to land in my life very quickly.

– Bri S.

“Emelina empowered me to live unapologetically as my true, kick-ass self, and to open up to receive all of the support and opportunities that are right in front of me, that I didn’t even see. The tangible results are an increase in my salary, my power, and my joy. Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible transformation in one session. The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Your work translates into instant change. You are a rock star!!! Thank you, Emelina!!!”

– Meg B.

Emelina provided much clarity for my challenging  situation and left me with guidance and feeling empowered. I really appreciated the email of the session summary with examples of practical practices I can do to help myself. Emelina is open minded, light, loving and compassionate spirit. She is connecting with a higher vibrational realm. Thank you for all your amazing and much needed work Emelina!


My reading provided guidance on how to explore the energy fields I was connecting to through my daily meditation practice. The downloads can be overwhelming and confusing but Emelina provided a framework in which to safely explore what the universe was sharing with me. So amazing and just so grateful to have been able to tap into her gift. Look forward to connecting with her again in the future…thank you!

– KIM W.

“I’ve seen so many psychic channels, people on Youtube that I love. And I didn’t even think to hesitate— the one I wanted to work with was Emelina. I just have to share how excited and elated I am —I loved her work with me. It was so helpful, so insightful and joyful and she really gets down to the nitty gritty details and clearing what was holding me back.

I can’t say enough how much I loved it. If anyone has the opportunity to work with her please do — she will change your life. I’m so excited to see what positive things are about to happen to me after working with her because we changed that much. I just want people to reach out. Reach out to Emelina to see what can happen in your life, to access who you are and the possibilities that exist for you. Thank you so much!!”


“Experiencing Emelina’s Akashic records work was exactly what I needed. I was feeling stressed out with some decisions in my business and wanted to be intentional with the direction I was growing it in. Emelina tapped into my Akashic Records and helped me feel peace AND gave me practical next steps that feel so in alignment that I’m glowing!!! Her work is truly bringing the 5D into 3D application which is so needed. So grateful and the insights that came through has made me feel more confident about taking my business to $100k+ months.”





A: This is an online course and curriculum that you can devour at your own pace. You’ll have access to the modules digitally upon enrollment. You can watch & learn them at your own pace. I recommend either watching them on an 11-day intensive schedule, one module every three days for 33 days, or if you prefer a slower pace to digest the content you can take one module every week for 11 weeks. 




A: After enrollment, you’ll be directed to the page to sign up for an online account to access the content. I’ll also email you with details to create an account to access the digital course. You’ll receive an email from: wearewokeaf @ or hi @


You’ll gain access to the entire program from logging into a course dashboard online.



A: Yes! You’ll find a payment plan available in the cart link when you click to enroll!





A: That’s okay! You don’t need experience in doing energy work or even “effectively” meditating to gain the benefits of this program. The material is intentionally designed to meet you where you are, no matter your experience level. The guided meditations will work on upgrading your energy body/system no matter your experience working in this subtle realm.




A: Yes! You’ll have lifetime access as well as any upgrades or updates I make to the program in the future.



A: I do not offer refunds. I believe in your confidence and self belief in your intentional enrollment. Your commitment will create the way for your personal and spiritual development— your transformation. Without the deep sacred commitment, there is no transformation.

When you make the choice to enroll, decide that this can be and will be the best investment for you and it will be. Ask to be divinely led. Trust your heart, and your decision to enroll intentionally and decide that it will work for you— as it is intentionally designed & channeled to do so.




A: Ultimately, yes. However, it’s important that you embody your own work.


Embody the practices, make them yours and share what you feel called to share. If you choose to use specific practices from this program that I have intentionally channeled and shared, please give me credit as the original source. For any other questions on best practice and what you can share, please email me for permission guidelines at wearewokeaf @





A: You are in charge of yourself, your commitment, your dedication and practice and your own results. To gain long term healing & results you will need to apply this methodology (among anything else you are guided to in your experience of healing) as an active practice and apply it to every area of your life and do the work. Take radical responsibility and ownership over your experience. This work will meet you where you are. Be determined to create your own results and you’ll gain precisely what you need.


I cannot control you, and what you choose to do or not do, or learn or not learn. Thus, no results are guaranteed or implied. 




A: This program is not a substitute for medical attention or therapy, and does not claim to be. This is an educational program for entertainment purposes. You acknowledge that the nature of the program is that of education. 😉


If you want to enroll but find the investment as a reach— place your hands on your heart and say this financial prayer invocation with deep intention in your heart. 


Source/Great Spirit (God/Creator/Universe/Highest Guides/Honorable Ancestors), please help me to see the way forward. Help me to be in a state of receiving. Help me to release any resistance to receiving that which I most desire. Help me to see the opportunity present in this now moment and the next steps to move forward with this program. I demand immediate Divine financial compensation to bring me into practical alignment with this financial investment. Help me to immediately discover the resources I need to enroll, and to trust myself and my decisions fully. I expect to be brought into immediate alignment with this offer and my decision to enroll in a way that is easy, effortless and in my highest good. And so it is.

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