Have you ever felt like you keep striving forward but it feels like something is just holding you back?


You can’t quite tell if it’s just karmic patterns, your current habits, or something else. 

You know that you create your reality— that everything you encounter is a result of YOU. Your vibration, your attraction, your karma. 


You’re ready to let go of absolutely anything that is holding you back and move into a state of healing, grace and higher vibes.


We are multidimensional beings. Simply, think of yourself as a larger soul with a lot of experiences and past/parallel lives across the Universe.  


We tend to experience trauma or karmic patterns across our mutli-dimensional realities.

And they repeat again and again until we heal them at the larger multi-dimensional level.


All of those karmic cycles impress our current realities. 

Feel like something has been holding you back?

Well, it probably is… and it may not even be from this lifetime. 


In this workshop, I’ll be channeling the Karmic Board, Starseed light councils, and the Akashic Records to clear anything you’re ready to clear and heal.



We’ll do it at the multi-dimensional level.

Clearing all past lives, parallel realities and future selves with the same healing intention.


Think of it like a massive energetic healing session. 


A celebratory ritual and karmic cycle completion. 


A chord cutting ceremony from anything and everything that has holding you back from experiencing your absolute best in this life. Your greatness, your bliss.


This healing will work like a rubber band. Pulling all the quantum together across all time and space (multi-dimensional realities) to heal the moment across all time and space realities within your consciousness.


Launching you into higher frequencies.  

Launching you into more successful thinking, acting, living and being.


This is deep healing work across your soul in all time and space.

Whatever you’re ready to let go… we’ll let go in a safe, conscious way.


Have you been riding a roller coaster? Big highs?

Lots of success? And lots of lows too— depressions, feeling stuck or abandoned, and like you’re meant for more?


We need to heal. To level out the difference between the highs and lows, creating a new chapter where your highs are your new range of experience.


The healing shifts and changes our resting vibrational frequency.

It raises your frequency across all of your energetic body— attracting better.


Better conditions, events, people, synchronicities, etc. 


You can truly excel— when you raise your frequency and clear and eliminate the lower frequencies or experiences that have been holding you back.


These healings raise your vibration, and give you the ahha moments the new insights and ideas you’ll need to move forward without the weight of the past.


This is a clearing, a deep energetic healing session for the entire group. 


You’ll come in with an intention on what you’re looking to clear and heal, and Emelina will facilitate the multi-dimensional clearing on behalf of the entire group in the Akashic Records channeling live.


Space is being held for your quantum breakthrough, a total complete multi-dimensional DNA clearing and healing at the energetic level.



AUG. 11TH on the FULL MOON 

4:00pm – 6:00pm PST | 5:00pm-7:00pm CST | 7:00pm – 8:00pm EST




This is an Akashic Records Group Healing Activation.


Think of it like going to an energetic healer.


I’ll be channeling the light of the Akashic Records for the entire group that will reach each of you individually for the healing specific to your own soul growth, development and clearing to bring you into alignment with your purpose in this life.


This is a powerful clearing and ceremonial karmic healing activation.


🔥Clear Blocks Standing in Your Way: Hesitations or Past Karmic Patterns Holding You Back


🔥Vibrate Higher: Amplify Your Light, Your Energy—Magnetically Attracting Miraculous Circumstances To You

You’re ready to…

👉 Energetically clear and release any energetic programming or contracts that have been holding you back


👉 Clear overdue karmic patterns that have been on repeat and are ready to be resolved


👉 HEAL your energy body and get into direct alignment with your soul mission


👉 Create a new energetic standard of living, vibrating higher & attracting better circumstances as a result


👉 Break free from your past energetic programming & conditioning

What You Can Expect…



// PART 1 //

Workshop Teaching Material


Emelina will teach and explain the dynamics of multi dimensional karmic patterns and how you can heal and change them to help you excel in this lifetime without feeling held back—all without previous experience, and in the comfort of your own home. 


// PART 2 //


Guided Meditation & Multi Dimensional Clearing & Healing as Facilitated by Emelina through the Akashic Records


This will feel like a guided meditation where Emelina will channel the Akashic Records on behalf of the collective energy of the group and facilitate a full clearing within the group Records as well as each participants Records individually. 


This is an energetic healing session conducted virtually.

You’ll receive the energetic healing benefits regardless of whether your attend live or watch the replay.

It is normal to feel the effects of healing in coming days.


Remember to eat light, rest like you got a massage or body work, and drink a lot of water. Journaling your experience can also help to integrated the healing work into your body.


You’ll receive:


• A daily practice to focus on energetically raising your vibration every day through meditation


• Workshop material


• A guided meditation and deep energetic clearing and healing

Hi! I am Emelina.

I’m a digital marketing, personal branding & Instagram expert seen in the New York Times— turned spiritual high performance coach. I help people activate their highest potential and transform into the highest version of themselves through expanding consciousness, healing trauma, and reprogramming their beliefs into alignment with who they desire to become. I tackle spiritual high performance from the place of both life coaching, as well as business, personal branding & digital marketing coaching.


I’m dedicated to helping people completely change their lives. To step into who they truly are at their core and embrace their authentic dynamite expression. To become who they always were underneath all the old paradigms, programs and conditioning. To ignite their soul-led purpose, inner genius and effortless soul-led creative expression. All while being “productive”, powerful, in service and building a business and life of their dreams.


If a CEO and a powerful psychic medium had a baby… that would be me. I’m the blend of spiritual and practical. The bridge between the two seemingly different polarities.


I found my greatest accomplishments were in my dedication to complete mastery. Not just sacrificing one are of my life for another. I’ve had complete dedication to transforming every area of my life, alongside dedicated intuitive psychic channeling as a medium using spiritual guidance as my main tool.


Through spiritual development, I’ve healed myself of deep-rooted trauma: childhood and adult domestic violence, sexual abuse, assault, homelessness, deep depression, extreme poverty, codependent soul depleting relationships, deep career challenges, lost purpose, chronic anxiety, PTSD, etc. Although each transition was increasingly more challenging, I learned to develop complete grace and poise along the way.


Facing extraordinary challenge is never easy. What’s required is discovering the inherent solutions that come alongside every deep challenge. This is done through discovering who you are in your most natural state in the process that makes navigating challenge manageable and even effortless. 


Everything I do is on behalf of the highest good of all involved, in balance with the force of life, and in respect to the free will laws of this Universe.



My reading provided guidance on how to explore the energy fields I was connecting to through my daily meditation practice. The downloads can be overwhelming and confusing but Emelina provided a framework in which to safely explore what the universe was sharing with me. So amazing and just so grateful to have been able to tap into her gift. Look forward to connecting with her again in the future…thank you! 

– Kim W. 


“Emelina empowered me to live unapologetically as my true, kick-ass self, and to open up to receive all of the support and opportunities that are right in front of me, that I didn’t even see. The tangible results are an increase in my salary, my power, and my joy. Wow, wow, wow! What an incredible transformation in one session. The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Your work translates into instant change. You are a rock star!!! Thank you, Emelina!!!”

– Meg B.


Emelina provided much clarity for my challenging  situation and left me with guidance and feeling empowered. I really appreciated the email of the session summary with examples of practical practices I can do to help myself. Emelina is open minded, light, loving and compassionate spirit. She is connecting with a higher vibrational realm. Thank you for all your amazing and much needed work Emelina!

– Lana D. 


“I’ve seen so many psychic channels, people on Youtube that I love. And I didn’t even think to hesitate— the one I wanted to work with was Emelina. I just have to share how excited and elated I am —I loved her work with me. It was so helpful, so insightful and joyful and she really gets down to the nitty gritty details and clearing what was holding me back. I can’t say enough how much I loved it. If anyone has the opportunity to work with her please do — she will change your life. I’m so excited to see what positive things are about to happen to me after working with her because we changed that much. I just want people to reach out. Reach out to Emelina to see what can happen in your life, to access who you are and the possibilities that exist for you. Thank you so much!!”

– Maura M.

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