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In this free 70-minute masterclass + 6-part video training,

I’ll teach you how to open your own Akashic Records

for you to access your own soul blueprint.



In this free Masterclass & 6-part video training

I’ll show you how to start your journey reading your soul-blueprint

& tapping into your soul guidance in the Akashic Records.


You’ll learn how you can begin to use this incredible, mystical, personal development gold mine—

to tap into your higher states of awareness, and your absolute highest potential in this lifetime.

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Increase Your Vibration to Attract Better Life Circumstances

You’ll learn all about what the Akashic Records are, and how you can use this ancient mystical technology to powerfully raise your frequency, increase your conscious awareness and transform yourself into your highest potential.

Discover What’s Been Blocking You & Learn How to Heal It

You’ll learn how you can regularly tap into your multi-dimensional soul blueprint and inner-soul-led-genius to make your life easier and effortlessly navigate around obstacles to manifest your topmost desires— clearing & healing anything that stands in the way.

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Effortlessly Connect with Your Own Akashic Records to Transform Your Life

You’ll open your very own Soul Blueprint in the Akashic Records through guided meditations, and receive upgrades and activations from the Arcturian Council of Light to more easily receive energetic downloads & spiritual insights.

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Hi! I am Emelina.

I’m a digital marketing & social media expert seen in Politico Magazine & New York Times— turned spiritual high performance coach.


I help people activate their highest potential and transform into the highest version of themselves through expanding consciousness, healing trauma, and reprogramming their beliefs into alignment with who they desire to become.


I’ve been working hand-in-hand with the Akashic Records for over 6 years. What started with initial interest and curiosity has developed into a full fledged mastery and passion.


I affectionately call the Akashic Records “24/7 Cosmic Life Coaches”.


They’ve guided me clearly and concisely out of dangerous situations, harms way, recovering from the effects of domestic violence, healing ptsd, helping me lose 50 lbs, create 6-figure businesses and rapidly upgrade every area of my life.


They are my secret tool. Well… they’re not so secret anymore at least from me! This mystical personal development methodology has completely changed my life, shifting me from poverty and abuse cycles into divine wealth and total radiance. And I’d like to help you do the same.


This is a sacred awareness, and sacred healing modality that increases your conscious awareness on demand. I couldn’t recommend it more, and I’m happy to mentor you along the way as you build your chops & create the life of your dreams 😉

Emelina is open minded, light, loving and compassionate spirit. She is connecting with a higher vibrational realm. Thank you for all your amazing and much needed work Emelina!

– Lana D.

You’ll learn how the

Akashic Records can help you to…

❤️ You’ll learn how to access and open your very own Akashic Records & soul blueprint—effortlessly


❤️ Increase your capacity for self awareness and personal development (making it seem totally effortless)


❤️ Ground your cosmic insights and understandings into practical reality & gain real-world results and understanding


❤️ Evolve and elevate any area of your life including: money, love, success, family, lovers, career, health, etc. into your highest potential


❤️ Navigate around deep challenges and get to an effortless result using the guidance of your soul blueprint


❤️ How to become a magnetic creator, where you know and feel that the Universe is fully and completely taking care of you without struggle


❤️ How to elevate your life in every way to attract your absolute highest potential

My reading provided guidance on how to explore the energy fields I was connecting to through my daily meditation practice. The downloads can be overwhelming and confusing but Emelina provided a framework in which to safely explore what the universe was sharing with me. So amazing and just so grateful to have been able to tap into her gift. Look forward to connecting with her again in the future…thank you! 

– Kim W. 


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you’re ready to activate

your highest potential

using the Akashic Records

In this free 70-minute masterclass + 6-part video training,

I’ll teach you how to open your own Akashic Records

for you to access your own soul blueprint.

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